Meet Leroy Martinez

Lead Technical Support Analyst 
Years with St. Vrain: 11

What does your average day look like? My average day consists of about an hour in the morning at the office on the computer closing and replying to tickets and emails with a few cups of coffee, love my coffee. After that, I go to about 4 or 5 sites to resolve printing/coping issues. I also work on projectors, either resolving the issues or verifying the problems so our vendors can address them. I also fit in a few meetings per week.

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain?
My favorite things working at St Vrain are my co-workers and the opportunity to serve the schools. It is very rewarding to know that I can help a school or a secretary with a printing/coping issue so they can take care of their day. I also enjoy being involved in the audio/visual side of classroom technology. Since this part is directly involved in the teaching of our students!

What are your interests or activities outside of St. Vrain?
Outside of our district, I enjoy cars and sports and my church. I like going to car cruises and Broncos games and being involved with my church serving the community. I coach a middle school wrestling team. It is very fun working with the young men on my team.

What is an interesting or quirky interest or fact about yourself?
I wrestled at 105 lbs my senior year in high school. What happened? lol