LTP Laptop Refresh

Good News!

With the support of our district leadership and Board of Education, all LTP Laptops will be refreshed to the newly updated MacBook Air with Retina display and 256 GB of storage!  


All staff who currently have an LTP laptop will have their laptops refreshed. LTP laptops have a blue mill-funded asset tag on the bottom. (Laptops with red asset tags were purchased with school or department funds and will not be refreshed with LTP funds.)


We will begin refreshing staff laptops in late February and plan to have all LTP laptops refreshed by the end of the school year.  More information about specific dates and the process for refresh will be shared with you soon!

YOUR Action Steps

Back Up Your Data! Data transfer is by far the most time consuming part of the refresh process. Backing up all of your data now will ensure a quick and seamless refresh experience. (Besides, it’s good practice!)

Click here for more information on backing up data on your laptop. Consider backing up:

  • Desktop, Documents, Downloads folders
  • Media (Movies, Music, Pictures folders)
  • Bookmarks (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)


Can I keep my old laptop in addition to my new? Can I purchase my old laptop from the district? Can students or parents purchase an old laptop?

Board Policies DN and DN-R give the Purchasing department the responsibility of handling the disposal of retired equipment in a manner most beneficial to the district through auction, negotiated sale, sealed bid, recycling or disposal. Therefore, individual laptops are not available for purchase.

I was told that the new laptops do not include USB ports. Does this mean my USB drive, clicker, etc. won’t be compatible?

The new MacBook Air laptop has two USB-C ports and a headphone jack, but does not include a standard USB port. DTS will providing a Multiport Adapter (dongle) with each LTP laptop. The adapter includes three ports: USB-C, standard USB, and either a VGA or HDMI display port. You should be able to use your standard USB accessories with the adapter.

My school just got brand new laptops this year. Does this apply to us as well? Why are we replacing laptops that are only a year or two old?

All existing staff laptops, regardless of age, will be refreshed with a new laptop. Refreshing all staff laptops at the same time is the most cost-effective for the district, since it allows us to take advantage of bulk pricing and spread the cost evenly over 4 years (the refresh cycle for laptops). It also enables us to ensure all staff have the same model laptop, which helps our relatively small staff of tech support analysts and system administrators continue to provide the best possible support for our schools. Finally, the district is able to recoup significant funds by negotiating the sale of old equipment.

I will not be here on my school’s distribution day. What do I do?

No worries! We know that some staff will be unavailable on their distribution day or will have special circumstances (unique software configurations, for example) that prevent them from trading in their old laptops for a new one. The old laptops will continue to work just fine through this school year. DTS will circle back around after the initial round of distribution to make sure we take care of any staff who were unavailable or had any special circumstances that prevented them from swapping out their laptops on their scheduled day. Our commitment is to ensure that all staff members have a new laptop before summer break.

Can I transfer data over with Migration Assistant or AirDrop?

Unfortunately, Apple’s migration assistant tool is currently broken with the latest OS update. And AirDrop is not a viable option for more than a couple of files – it simply takes too much time. Backing up to Google Drive or an external hard drive is much more effective.

Can you tell me how to back up my photos? I have thousands!

There are many ways to back up photos. One possible way is to back up your Photos library to Google Drive. You can find directions here for backing up files – including photos – from your old Mac to Google Drive. If you have would like additional help or would like to explore other options for backing up files, your Learning Technology Coach(LTC), Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC), or  STEM Coordinator, can help with this process!

I have admin rights on my current laptop. Will these transfer over to my new laptop or do I need to request this again?

Admin rights will carry over to your new laptop, but it may take up to a week for the systems on the backend to update. So staff will not have to request this again. Admin rights aren’t necessary for downloading applications from Self-Service, so you will be able to get up and running with most applications right away.