Beyond Citrix

Audience: school leaders and school office support staff

In an effort to provide the right computing environment for every user, DTS has been developing a plan we’re calling “Beyond Citrix” .

We recognize that to meet the needs of non-instructional staff, the computers and kiosks we provide to users have to be able to do more. From watching video for job-related training to creating media-rich newsletters to web access, your use has pushed our thin client implementation far beyond what it was intended to support.

And so, beginning this spring and moving into next year, we’ll be transitioning non-instructional school users to updated machines. For many of our office staff with thin clients on their desk, this will be a Windows 10 desktop.  For those who access computers using a Citrix kiosk somewhere in their building, Chromebox desktops will be available. Your principal will be provided with a planning template to ensure we gather the information needed to accommodate for all users.

Beginning in February, DTS will begin working with 3 “readiness” sites – Sanborn Elementary,  Sunset Middle, and Lyons M/S to finalize equipment details, determine training needs and build an implementation plan.

Over the summer, DTS will replace library lookup stations and circulation stations in all schools. In addition, we will begin to prepare computers for office staff and kiosk stations in all schools.

Next fall, on a date your school administration selects, DTS will be on site to remove and replace Thin Clients in your school for office staff and kiosks. Training and support will be available to make sure the transition is smooth and successful!

We wanted to provide you with this information now so you’ll be aware of our plans.  Stay tuned to the DTS newsletter for progress updates and opportunities to give us feedback. In the meantime, check out the support page here for more information.