September 2018 Phishing/Spam Emails

9/25/2018-We have received multiple reports of phishing with varying subject lines.  Inside the message, you will see something similar to the screenshot below, please DO NOT click the box.  If you have clicked the box please change relevant passwords and log off and back onto those accounts.

We are investigating the impact of this phishing scam and will send out an update as soon as we know more. If you receive one of these messages, please delete them immediately. As always, use caution before responding to unexpected/unusual email, especially when asked to follow web addresses, or click on a link; including those sent by district users. When in doubt, it is recommended to contact the person directly to verify the message is legitimate or report suspicious messages to the help desk (if you are a district employee).


9/26/2018-The phishing emails from yesterday have been removed from district mailboxes and all known affected user accounts have been reset. If you continue to experience issues or receive a suspicious email, it is recommended to contact the sender to verify the message’s legitimacy or notify the help desk (district employees only). Thank you for your continued vigilance.