Printing to the New Copiers

Over the Summer DTS installed new Konica-Minolta copiers in almost all the buildings.

What’s the Same

  • You still print to SPEAR and can get your print jobs at any copier.
  • If you were here last year, your keycard is already setup on the new copiers and ready to release print jobs.
    •  See the image on where to place your keycard for release, it is a little different.
  • Toner is still auto-replenished by the vendor based on usage.

What’s Different

  • To place work orders on the new copiers you call Konica Minolta directly at 800-456-5664.
    • You will need the ID number found on top of the copier
  • To print in color or change other options on a Mac, see How to change print settings on a mac from the support page.
Read more on our new Copy & Print topic page.

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