Digital Curriculum Updates

Are your students not seeing the digital curriculum that they should be? Before you submit a help desk ticket, check the following things:

  1. Student must be rostered into a section (please call your Registrar if you need IC roster assistance).
  2. That section must have a Primary teacher assigned.
  3. It has been at least 48 hours since conditions one and two were entered into IC.

Teachers and students will not have access through Ceran until rosters are complete and accurate.

Schoology courses are not visible for Middle School students until August 13. Teachers are able to see them now.

High School students and teachers are able to view their schedules now.

DTS is announcing a new Digital Curriculum Knowledge Base, a place where you can find answers to all of your digital curriculum questions. Begin by logging in to Schoology. Don’t know how? Here are the instructions. Every teacher is enrolled in one of the following Schoology courses, depending on which grade level they teach: SVVSD Elementary Teachers, SVVSD Middle School Teachers, SVVSD High School Teachers. If for some reason you have not been added to your course, you can join using one of the following codes:

  • Elementary teachers – MX9QX-MKVJM
  • Middle School teachers – CNWW6-GWM6F
  • High School teachers – PRPBK-T77RD

To access the knowledge base, open this course and click on the “Digital Curriculum Knowledge Base” folder. In this folder resources can be found for every digital curriculum program used at your school, including curriculum content. Whether you need general information about a program or answers to more specific questions, the tools you need are here. And if you don’t find all the information you need, DTS now has a “St. Vrain Schoology Help Chat” group. This is a Q&A style group on Schoology where members can post and answer questions for one another, creating a dynamic help center. To join this group, log in to Schoology and click “Groups.” Then, click “Join” and enter this access code: VHH2D-TCX7W.

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