Meet Karen Adams

Department Inventory Specialist
Years with DTS: 13

What does your average day look like? There is no life before coffee, so that is the first thing I do here at work. MUST HAVE COFFEE.

I then have a list of things I check all through the day: emails, work tickets, daily deliveries, anything that needs to be shipped, and verify counted inventory items in my work area.

I am also responsible for handling the district’s technology recycling. Some of it goes to our recycle company, some is redistributed back into the district, and other items I post for sale on our public surplus website. If we have items to sell I will take pictures, get a description, and then post them on the website. The last thing I do is check the Public Surplus Auction website for any questions or comments.

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain?  It has always been the people. I have only been with the district 13 years. Many people have come and gone but those I have come across have been great. Especially here at DTS, my second family.

What are your interests or activities outside of St. Vrain? I like to hike in the mountains and ride my bike. I LOVE spending time with my family. Our 3 grandsons keep my husband and me happy and moving all the time.

What are you going to do after you retire at the end of the year? I am planning on going to garage sales and thrift stores, purchasing items to fix or re-create, and then sell them.

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