Dear Help Desk,

Last week I sent an email to my student’s parents with updated information on an exciting opportunity the kids will have next month. One parent¬†responded asking that when emailing the entire group that I use the blind-copy function. What did she mean by this and is this a good idea? – Curious in Lyons

Dear Curious,

Using the blind-copy feature (BCC) sends the email to each address but doesn’t share the email addresses of the other recipients.

In this day and age of spam and phishing it is both courteous and good practice to use BCC when sending broadcast emails to large groups that do not have a need to know specifically who else received the information.

By the way, BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy or Blind Courtesy Copy for those youngsters that have never had the joys of black carbon smudges on their fingertips.  -HD

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