Meet Eric Pierce

Manager of Technical Support
Years with St.Vrain: 2

What does your average day look like? My typical day revolves around making sure the Device Support Team is prepared to offer world-class service across the district.   I do whatever is needed to make sure our students, teachers, and staff have the best possible support, so they can spend their time focusing on education.

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain? I love all of the people I work with and deeply enjoy knowing the work I do is contributing to the success of our students.

What are your interests or activities outside of St. Vrain? I have a passion for music, both listening and playing.  When I was in school, I was always involved in music programs. I had the opportunity to play various instruments until I found my favorite, the guitar. I have played in several bands and studied guitar and music recording in college.

The largest part of my life is, of course, my little family.  I have a wonderful wife, a busy little three-year old, a couple of cats, and a big, drooly dog.  We have our own little slice of the American dream in Firestone.

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