October Help Desk Activity

2251 Total Calls

Work Orders Triaged: 464 – The Help Desk triages incoming computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 1109

Email to Help Desk: 652 – Email sent to helpdesk@svvsd.org

Email to Personal Accounts: 9 – Email sent to our named personal accounts. We request that all email be sent to helpdesk@svvsd.org. This account is monitored and prioritized by all Help Desk staff. Personal accounts are not monitored during absences.

Walk-ins/IMs: 13

Other: 4

Resolution of incoming calls and messages.

80% First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution: 80%

Phone Queue Activity

Calls Abandoned by Caller Before Answer: 6.6% – percentage of people that call but hang up when the Help Desk does not answer within the time they have available. Help Desk Goal <10%

1109 phone calles answered

On Hold: 5.7% – percentage of how long the average caller waits on hold compared to their entire call time. Help Desk Goal <10%

Average wait time 26 sec

Customer Satisfaction

Average Customer Survey Score: 4.95 / 5.00

Surveys Completed: 40

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