Meet Kevin Chandler

12 Years with DTS

What does your average day look like? In at 6, check email, er…get coffee, check email, start on tickets. Handle calls and questions as they come in during the day. I try to get a walk or a run in each day. All in all, pretty routine.

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain? I enjoy the positive environment in DTS that strives to be better. I enjoy the trust and empowerment that our management puts in us when it comes to questions involving our area of responsibility/expertise.

What are your interests or activities outside of St. Vrain? I have five grand kids that are truly awesome to spend time with. I like to fish, camp, ski, and ride although I find that I don’t prioritize any of them nearly enough as I’d like. The list of :”to-dos” gets more of my time than I think I should give it. Nobody dies wishing they’d mowed or fertilized the lawn more often!.

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