New Wireless Network

Wireless Project Status PageDTS is almost finished upgrading all schools to the new wireless network. Click here to see your school’s status.

Personal Devices:
The new wireless network operates at the 5GHz frequency. Some personal devices that operate at the lower 2.4GHz frequency will not be able to connect to the new wireless network. Please make sure all future personal technology choices have the ability to operate at the higher 5GHz frequency if connecting to the district’s wireless network is important to you.

The SVVSD-Guest wireless network is for personally owned devices. For improved performance, we have extended connection times and improved the ease of joining the network. At this time, your session will last for 14 hours unless your device is turned off or you leave the district network for more than 90 minutes.

2 thoughts on “New Wireless Network

  1. Hi, can Amazon Fire tablets use the wi fi network? Can they use the Guest network? These are tablets that I purchased so that my students would have greater access. Thanks, Lisa Mulligan – Centennial Elementary 😉

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