Department Changes

Congratulations to the following people taking on new roles here at DTS:

  • Erik Black – IT Project Manager
    • Erik Black started with DTS in 2001. He has been the Manager of Technical Support for the last 6 years. Erik is taking on the challenges of a new position at DTS, IT Project Manager.
  • Michelle Bourgeois – Director of Learning Technology
    • Michelle has been leading the highly successful Learning Technology Plan for the last four years. In Michelle’s new role of Director of Learning Technology, she will be taking on a broader responsibility for iPads, computers and the DTS teams that support them.
  • Valerie Crecco – Programmer/Analyst
    • Valerie is joining the DTS team as a new half-time programmer/analyst. Val brings strong programming and database experience, and enjoys gardening, knitting, cooking, walking (with or without dogs), and running. Welcome, Val!
  • Eric Pierce – Manager of Technical Support
    • Eric Pierce is taking over for Erik Black as the Manager of Technical Support. For the last year Eric has been a site technician in the Erie feeder. In his new role, he will be directly coordinating the mobile device and computer site tech teams.
  • Julie Read – Learning Technology Support Specialist
    • Julie started with DTS last spring, splitting her time as a Learning Technology Support Specialist with DTS and a Learning Technology Coach for Longmont High.  Julie has been a St. Vrain teacher and coach for 18 years.

DTS Org Chart – August 4, 2017

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