New Password Manager

Short Version:

Password ManagerThe current Password Manager for self-service password changes is being replaced with a more full-featured system. You will need to log into the new Password Manager and set up new security questions and answers by the end of the school year.

New Password Manager address:

Long Version:

Over the last year, the old password management tool was not living up to the high standards our educators and students deserve. We worked with the vendor for several months but were unable to get a satisfactory resolution.

At that point, we began researching new solutions. We found one that fits the district’s needs and started working with the new vendor to customize it for St. Vrain.

Password ManagerThe new Password Manager is now up and running.  For your own benefit, please log into it and select new security questions and answers by the end of the school year. Doing so will let you reset your own forgotten password without our assistance, though we are always willing to provide it. Unfortunately, security questions from the old system could not be transferred to the new one.

The old system will be retired at the end of the school year. The Help Desk (x57730) will continue to have access to the old security questions and answers throughout the summer.

New Password Manager address:

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