Classes/ Moodle Expiration

ClassesThe district will be discontinuing SVVSD Classes (Moodle) on June 30, 2017. If you are using Classes for any purpose, you will need to backup any data that you would like to keep and make arrangements to use a different system next school year.

If you are using Classes to provide students with resources, assignments or quizzes we recommend migrating your course to Schoology. Instructions on how to do that are found in this video and you can seek out a colleague, Building Schoology Contact, Building Technology Contact, Learning Technology Coach, Instructional Technology Coordinator for support. If you are using Classes for more of a website function you could consider using SVVSD Blogs (WordPress) installation. Go to to learn more.

2 thoughts on “Classes/ Moodle Expiration

  1. I use Classes for Forums because I could have all my classes be on one forum (AP Econ and IB Econ together). Schoology does not do that. Any help? Also, I might have some stuff on Classes that is not on Schoology…how can I recover it?

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