DTS Project Update: Projecting from an iPad (AirServer)

DTS has been working to come up with a solution to be able to reliably project from your iPad until your school’s new wireless network is in place.

The current Wi-Fi equipment in most buildings cannot consistently handle the use of AirServer. DTS has already started updating the Wi-Fi equipment in each building.  The new Wi-Fi system can reliably project from your iPad to your laptop using AirServer.  To check your school’s Wi-Fi status click here.

For those schools who have not had their Wi-Fi equipment updated yet, there is still good news! Your standard charging cable can be used to connect to your laptop to project from your iPad.  There is some minor configuration that needs to happen on the teacher’s laptop for this to work. For more information on how to configure these settings click here.

Furthermore, DTS will be providing ten USB to Lightning cables (10 feet in length, green) to each school for those classrooms where a standard length cable will not work.  Teachers will be able to check out these cables from the school. 

Please follow the guidelines below for submitting work orders for issues relating to iPad projection:

  • Elementary, Middle and K-8’s will submit work orders only for USB/Lightning Cable + QuickTime issues. (Projecting wirelessly from iPad is not currently supported at these sites)
  • High Schools will submit work orders only for USB/Lightning Cable + QuickTime issues. After your school is upgraded to new Wi-Fi system, you may submit a work order for AirServer/Wireless projecting issues.

Finally, DTS would like to thank all the pilot schools, teachers and other district staff for their time, patience and efforts with this important project!

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