Meet Shannon Thomas

Shannon Thomas
Digital Curriculum Support Specialist
Months with DTS: 3

What does your average day look like?
My day starts with checking the nightly uploads of the rostering data for our various Digital Curriculum products. I make sure uploads are successful and fix any errors that occur. Communication with staff, students, and vendors are a large part of my day, whether it is assisting with accessibility issues or troubleshooting compatibility issues. I log into each piece of Digital Curriculum everyday as a student to make sure all is working. I try to stay ahead of issues as best as I can by continuously testing. After that, I attend meetings, conference calls and webinars. I also find time in my day to do research on upcoming curriculum, data privacy, and website maintenance. My busy times are when the semesters and terms change. I have to review sharing rules, add applications and plan for next years pilots.

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain?
I love working for St. Vrain because of the people. I receive a great deal of support from every member of the team. It really does feel like family!

What are your interests or activities outside of St. Vrain?
My outside activities include, hiking, biking, camping, traveling, painting, cooking.

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