Restart Your Computer Often

restartDTS recommends restarting your computer every time you bring it into your school. Why, you ask?


You will enjoy a better wireless experience

Generally laptops switch between wireless networks seamlessly. However, this is not always the case and restarting a laptop while in range of the district’s network allows it to establish a clean connection.

Connections to Shares

The district has network shares for each of us (My Documents) and for our schools. On some computers restarting while on the district’s networks re-establishes the connections to these shares.

Your memory (RAM) will improve

Your computer’s random access memory (RAM) handles lots of different short-term tasks and data. Restarting your computer cleans out all this information, allowing your device to start anew and helping it run faster and more efficiently.

Fixes small errors before they become big errors

When a computer restarts, it runs diagnostics on itself, automatically fixing minor errors. This is why you’ll often find that when your computer freezes, or has a problem you don’t know how to fix, simply restarting resolves the issue.

Installs the latest and greatest updates

Every piece of software on your computer has the potential to receive updates, which can add new features or fix issues that occurred with older versions. Often times, you must restart your computer to download and install the necessary updates and patches that help it run quickly and smoothly.

3 thoughts on “Restart Your Computer Often

  1. I Log out and Shut down the laptop every night. In the morning when I turn it on I get a message that says “Your computer was shut down because of a problem…..Report….”

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