Elementary LTP Preparation

We’re excitedly gearing up for our three Elementary LTP Readiness schools (Eagle Crest, Erie, and Thunder Valley) to receive their classroom sets of iPads this month!

Last spring, these three schools helped us explore what equipment and apps should be a part of our LTP classroom set when we distribute equipment to every elementary school in the fall of 2017. Here’s what we’re testing and what will be provided to their elementary classrooms:

Our readiness sites are also helping us answer the question: What is the best way to provide iPad access to Specials (Art/Music/PE/etc) teachers?  We’re testing three different configurations and will gather input from the 3 schools to determine which option seems best.

School 1: Electives teachers receive a classroom set of 6 iPads.
School 2: Electives teachers share a cart of 30 iPads
School 3: Electives teachers share the set of 6 iPads provided to grade level teachers

We’re looking forward to sharing more as we explore how to best support elementary teaching and learning with iPads!

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