Changes to HMH Collections

HMH is improving their processes for single sign on and for the automatic creation of accounts and classes. As part of the transition, they are requiring a purge all existing accounts in HMH Collections.
What does this mean for Collections teachers?
  • Sometime between Friday, July 29th, and Monday, August 1st, all existing students, teachers, and classes will be purged from HMH.
  • Any notes, assessments, or other materials saved within the Collections program itself will also be deleted and no longer accessible.
  • Between Monday, August 1st, and Thursday, August 4th, fall classes, teachers, and students will be uploaded to HMH and teachers should again be able to log in.
  • The old HMH login page will no longer work, and teachers will want to delete any saved bookmarks.
  • A link to the new single sign on page will be added to the teacher and student Ceran pages. (Please note that this link cannot be bookmarked since the link itself contains a token request that times out.)
HMH assures us that this purge is a one-time event and will not be an annual recurrence.

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