App Additions for LTP iPads

This summer, the mobile device team reviewed dozens of app requests from our schools and our ITAC committee for inclusion into our LANrev Mobile Device Management (MDM) App Store. You’ll see lots of great additions including:

  Shadow Puppet Edu for Elementary

 Digital Compass by Common Sense for Middle School

 Sketchbook by Autodesk for All Grades

Here’s a link to the list of all the new additions.

There were several apps requested that we weren’t able to add to our LANrev app store because they didn’t meet our minimum criteria for inclusion. At a minimum, apps must:

  • Meet minimum app age restrictions (ES 4+, MS, 9+, HS 12+)
  • Not include advertising
  • Not include in-app purchases as a requirement for full use
  • Not require account creation (unless DTS has completed a review of terms of service and support requirements)
  • Not duplicate the function of a previously approved app
  • Not use social media services as a sole means of export and sharing
  • Be approved by Curriculum if the app supports a specific content area

If you put in a request for an app that you don’t see on the list, look here to see all the apps we reviewed and their current status.

Have another app you’d like us to review? We’re working on a process for you to request additional app reviews later this semester. Look for more info in a future newsletter.

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