Help Desk Email Change

The way the Help Desk responds to email is going to change over spring break. We are updating our system so that all email sent to is automatically tracked in our ticketing system.

What does this mean to you?

  • The biggest change is that email replies from the Help Desk will come from Previously, these replies came from
  • If you have made a practice of skipping over or automatically filing emails from, you will want to start looking at these if you have emailed the Help Desk.  
  • This is the same email address our system uses to send out work ticket confirmations and other automated messages.
  • You can reply to these emails the same way you have replied to the Help Desk previously. (Do not delete the routing code at the bottom of the email.)

4 thoughts on “Help Desk Email Change

  1. I can not log into my email for the district. I’ve tried clearing my browsing history. Pretty sure my password is incorrect, however I can’t reset it, because I can’t put in the current password.

  2. Will Silver Creek offer an open house so parents of middle schoolers can hear about the high school?

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