Meet Christi Deeter

Christi & Randy Deeter & Chili

Christi Deeter, Clerk
Years with DTS: 26 years
Graduated from: Niwot High School

What does your average day look like?

In between greeting visitors and answering phones my day consists of a variety of projects. I work with a great group of people on the mobile device team processing missing iPads and working on the iPad inventory. I also answer general land line phone questions, maintain the phone inventory and place orders with CenturyLink. In among these projects I have several other tasks which keep me hopping and never knowing what my day will bring.

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain?

I enjoy being part of a department that helps bring technology into the schools. This amazing team of people are passionate about what they do and why, making it a pleasure to be here. I really like working with and helping staff throughout the District, especially when we are working together to meet a common goal. I have worked in DTS for 26 years and can say I am still here because I like being here and can’t image going anywhere else.


On a personal note I love spending time and taking walks with my husband Randy and our little Chili dog. In my spare time I read, crochet, knit and do other crafts. I like to grow mostly flowering house plants, and I do flower gardening in the summer. And of course times spent with family are always special.

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