A Look Behind the Scenes: New Teacher Laptops

The entire team at DTS is busy at work preparing 1800+ laptops for handout to teachers across the district. Here’s a “behind the scenes” look at what it takes to make that happen:

IMG_6309Step 1: Unbox and prepare

Each laptop is unboxed, has an asset tag attached, and then spends time in the care of our desktop technicians to make sure they have the correct settings and applications.

Step 2: Scheduling the big day!

As the laptops are prepared, we contact schools to select a day for distribution. Currently, we’ve scheduled dates to handout laptops to all high schools and many middle schools. If you’d like to see when distributions are scheduled, check out the LTP calendar. (And if your school isn’t listed yet, don’t fret – we’re working through all 44 schools as efficiently as we can!)

Step 3: Laptops and teachers together!

The most exciting part is when we get to show up at a school and hand out laptops to teachers! DTS technicians and the Instructional Technology team spend a day at each school to make sure folksĀ leave with the information they need to use their laptop well.

IMG_4063It’s amazing to see the DTS team in action – they love serving staff and students. So, when you see them in your school, give them a high five!

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