Win Tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens | Phishing Attack

An effective phishing attack that tries to trick people into thinking they are winning movie tickets for the new Star Wars movie is going around. For the next few months, this has the potential to be a successful social engineering attack that a lot of users are going to fall for.

This is an example:


More details:
Scammers are taking advantage of the intense interest in Star Wars because fans will do just about anything to get tickets. The email promises that you can win free tickets merely by taking a survey. It also offers an opportunity to click on a link and see the latest trailer for the movie.

If you click on the links in scams such like this one, you will either be prompted to provide personal information or, even worse, in some phishing emails when you click on the link, you may end up downloading keystroke logging malware which can be used against you. As always, in phishing scams like this, you certainly won’t get the promised tickets.

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