iOS 9 Release Information

Update: (11/3/15) Currently, iOS 9 has been tested for LTP funded devices. If you are unsure if your device is LTP funded, please check for Absolute Apps on your device.  If it is present you should be all right to update to iOS 9. If you do not see Absolute Apps, or are unsure, please contact your BTC to determine whether you should update your device.

Users with devices managed by Configurator should not update.  Updating a device that has been configured using Apple Configurator should only be done at the request of your BTC, or the individual who manages iPads at your site.

DTS would like to thank everyone who has helped test and provided feedback on iOS 9.  Based on the feedback and test results, we encourage all users with devices NOT managed by Configurator to begin the transition to iOS 9.1. Although we cannot guarantee everything will work with iOS 9, please review our test results to see if there are critical elements that may be an issue for you. If you would like to move to iOS 9, please click on the support link below for step by step instructions.

How do I update my iOS device?