FERPA – Best Practices

Confidentiality of student records is the responsibility of everyone at St. Vrain Valley Schools including faculty, staff, students and even volunteers.  Students rely on the District to protect their privacy so be diligent in following these best practices:

  • Do not share your login credentials (username & password) with others…including substitute teachers.
  • Be careful not to forward or reply to emails which are sent to you containing sensitive data without removing such data prior to transmission.
  • Logout of computer programs prior to leaving your computer unattended.
  • Be aware of the information that is on your computer screen when others are able to view it.
  • Do not store student record information on personal storage devices such as personal flash drives, home computers, external email, or external online storage services.

Do not share your username and password! Did you know that if you share your login credentials in your substitute plans or with a trusted colleague you are also sharing your access to your personal data in Infinite Visions, FERPA-protected student data in Infinite Campus, your email, Google Documents, and more? For your own protection, keep your SVVSD password confidential!

Contact Amber Muir (muir_amber@svvsd.org, 303-702-7910) for additional information.