Please remove malicious iOS apps

A number of iOS apps have been identified that have the potential for a third party to use data maliciously.

DTS recommends that you check all of your personal and district-owned devices for any apps listed in the link below. If you have installed one of these apps, delete it. To delete an app, touch and hold on the app’s icon until it starts to wiggle, then tap the X in the upper left corner of the app icon. In some cases, Apple has approved new versions without malicious code, so if the apps are currently available for download on the App Store, it’s fine to re-download a fresh, uninfected copy after deleting them.

No district provided or recommended apps have been identified as malicious, and we have not received any reports of anyone submitting personal data within one of these apps.

Click here for detailed information about this issue (external website). Here is a list of the infected iOS apps provided by Palo Alto networks (most common listed at the top, then alphabetical).

  • CamScanner
  • CuteCUT
  • Mercury
  • OPlayer
  • OPlayer Lite
  • PDFReader
  • PDFReader Free
  • WeChat
  • WhiteTile
  • WinZip
  • air2
  • AmHexinForPad
  • baba
  • BiaoQingBao
  • CamCard v6.5.1
  • CamScanner Lite
  • CamScanner Pro
  • ChinaUnicom3.x
  • CSMBP-AppStore
  • DataMonitor
  • FlappyCircle
  • golfsense
  • golfsensehd
  • guaji_gangtai en
  • Guitar Master
  • IHexin
  • immtdchs
  • InstaFollower
  • installer
  • iOBD2
  • iVMS-4500
  • jin
  • Lifesmart
  • MobileTicket
  • MoreLikers2
  • MSL070
  • MSL108
  • nice dev
  • Perfect365
  • PocketScanner
  • Quick Save
  • QYER
  • SaveSnap
  • SegmentFault
  • snapgrab copy
  • SuperJewelsQuest2
  • ting
  • Wallpapers10000
  • WeLoop
  • WinZip Sector
  • WinZip Standard

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All St. Vrain teachers and staff need to change their district passwords to meet the new district standards before leaving for summer break. (Instructions)