Summer Technology Checklist

_____ Reset Your Password – If you reset your password before you leave you will only have to change it ONCE over Summer Break.

_____ Set Your Security Questions – If you have set your security questions the Help Desk can HELP if you forget the password you just set.

_____ Turn On Your “Out of Office” Reply – If you turn on your Out of Office your non-district contacts will know that YOU are enjoying your Summer Break while they still have to work. (While you are at it set up your email signature, please!)

_____ Back Up Local Files – If you back up your files saved on your computer’s hard drive, you WILL have wonderful dreams each night of Summer Break.

_____ Turn Off Your Computer – If you turn off your computer (and monitor) it won’t overheat and BLOW up over Summer Break, (just kidding). Please leave it set up and plugged in, but not covered up.

Leaving the District?

Here are some additional checklist items for you.

Think you might get bored over Summer Break?

Explore our online learning modules. Here’s a link to our growing collection of modules to support your technology learning whenever and wherever you happen to be.  You can take them for credit, too.  Learn how via the link.