April 6th Spam Filter changes and Q&A

On April 6th, 2015 the Postini Spam filtering service is going away and your daily Quarantine Summary emails will no longer be delivered to your inbox. To better serve their customers, Google is integrating the current service directly into the Google Apps platform.


Below are some Q&A to help you understand the changes. If you have additional questions please contact helpdesk@svvsd.org


  • Will staff continue to receive a Quarantine Summary email?
    • No. Users will no longer receive a Quarantine Summary email. Rather users will need to actively monitor their Spam folder.
    • The Google Spam folder is hidden from view by default. To view the folder, simply click your mouse on More in the left column then on the Spam folder.
  • How long is Spam held in the Spam folder
    • Spam is held for 30 days in the Google Spam folder which is an increase from the current 14 days.
  • Will Google’s spam and virus filtering be the same as Postini’s?
    • Although the overall filtering effectiveness is very comparable, you should expect the filters to behave differently, acting more strict or lenient on different types of mail.
  • In the past student accounts have not been allowed to access their quarantined spam on Postini, does this change?
    • Spam to students will continue to not be delivered. Note: If a student has identified a legitimate email as Spam, those emails will also not be delivered.
    • Student Inbound Spam emails will be held in an Administrative Quarantine. If a legitimate email is believed to have been quarantined, please contact helpdesk@svvsd.org to have a work order created to investigate.
  • How do I create a whitelist of approved senders?
    • By Adding email addresses to your Contacts list, Google will treat the email more leniently and will be more likely to deliver messages from members of your Contacts list to your Inbox. See Spam Filtering for more details.
  • How do I block email addresses and unwanted emails?
    • Select the message you’d like to block then Click the spam button in the toolbar above your emails. See Spam Filtering for more details.
  • I use to be able to access my Postini account and find archived email from the past year that I may have deleted and have it re-delivered to my Inbox. Can I still do this?
    • Google Vault is replacing the Postini email archival solution. Email will continue to be archived by Vault for up to 1 year at which time previous emails will be removed from the Vault.
    • At this time Google Vault can only be used for legal matters and investigations.
  • Where can I learn more about Google Spam filtering for St. Vrain users?
    • This St. Vrain support page Spam Filtering has additional information

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