7 iPhone Tips from Mary

1. Reboot

Make sure to turn the phone off at least once a week. Turning the phone off reboots it.

2. Reboot Revisited

If the phone freezes, won’t turn on, or ‘seems to die’, hold down the on/off button and home button at the same time until the device shuts off or you get the Apple icon. That will reboot the phone as well.

3. Power

Charge your phone more from a wall outlet or power strip rather than from a laptop. The phone will never fully charge from a laptop.

4. Replace

If your phone is not working well, please contact Mary. We do not want you to have a phone that does not work. Verizon’s policy allows upgrades ten months from the purchase of a phone.

5. Lost Phone

If your phone is lost/stolen, please email Mary ASAP. She can go online and suspend the phone making it unusable. (malpezzi_mary@svvsd.org)

6. Missing Phone

Click on this link about using Find My iPhone (it is labeled for an iPad, but works for the iPhone as well)…

7. International Travel

If you are going out of the country (Canada included), an international plan added to the phone will save money. Let me know at least a week (but no more than two weeks) before you leave so an international plan can be added to the phone. I will need to know when you will leave and when you will return and where you are going.

via Mary Malpezzi, Secretary to CIO


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