Chromebooks and CMAS

Immediate Action: Every Chromebook must be turned on and brought to the login screen by 12 noon on Wednesday February 18th. This is necessary for all Chromebooks, even if you have already confirmed that TestNav is functioning.

Rationale: We have identified an issue with the TestNav Application running in Chromebook Kiosk mode.

In order to fix this issue we will need to reinstall the TestNav application on every Chromebook in the district. Doing this requires removing the current version. We have a process that will remove the current version upon the device’s next reboot.

The un-installation of TestNav can be verified by the lack of “Apps” in the lower left hand corner of the login screen.

What’s Next: At 12 noon on February 18th the TestNav application will be turned back on and Apps will once again appear on the login screen. At that time, it will be your responsibility to go through and confirm (or re-confirm) that TestNav is functioning correctly.

This can be done following the instructions below.

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