Substitute Email Accounts

Did you know that all district substitute teachers have been assigned a district Google account, including Gmail and Drive? This account also gives them access to log onto district thin clients and computers.

Teachers: This might be a great way to coordinate and share resources with your substitute. Please note, not all subs are aware they have an account. You may want to include a link to the New Employee site to get them started if this type of collaboration would be a value to you.

Reminder: Never share your username and password. First, it’s against Board policy. Second, that person could access your pay role and other personal information.

2 thoughts on “Substitute Email Accounts

  1. how do I access my district mail, I had an old password that does not work and tried the old 78valley and that did not work. What to do now?

  2. Hi Juliette, It appears that you at some point reset your password so 78valley will not work. You do not have security questions set so we will need an email from your administrator or you can stop by at DTS with a photo ID and we can reset your password. -Dan

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