Improving DTS Customer Service

In an effort to improve customer service and communications with you, DTS has developed a Priority Matrix. This matrix was designed to give you and our technicians an idea of when you can expect service from DTS.

To establish priorities you may be asked for your input when submitting a request or contacting the help desk. The following two factors will be used to determine the priority your work ticket has for our technicians:

Severity/Status examples:

  • Is your computer dead in the water?
  • Do you have a work around?
  • Is this a request for something new?

Impact examples:

  • Is the whole district affected?
  • Is your whole lab affected?
  • Are only you affected?

PriorityMatrixThe link to the Priority Matrix will be included in your work request confirmations and is available on the Help Desk site.

Very soon your DTS technicians will be organizing their work tickets by the due dates established by the priority it has been assigned. This will allow them the to organize their work days to provide the best district-wide customer service we can provide.

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