Software and Internet Content Copyright

Use of copyrighted software or Internet services by schools:

Public schools are not exempt from copyright laws. Just as it would be wrong to buy one textbook or video and copy it for use by other students, it is wrong for a school to duplicate software (or to allow its faculty or students to do so) without authorization from the publisher. Acquisition of software or Internet services is no different than any other product or service required by a school. Schools purchase books, audio-visual equipment and classroom furniture — and they pay a fair price for them. Updates to software and proprietary Internet content can be developed only if the company is compensated for its efforts. The SVVSD School District maintains many software titles and services for District use. You will need to verify there are licenses available before the software or service may be used. Many companies also offer special sales arrangements to schools.


Fair Use:

Section 107 of Public Law 94-553, the Copyright Law of 1976, provides a doctrine of  “Fair Use” which permits educators certain limited privileges in duplicating and using copyrighted materials. Examples of “Fair Use” might be use of a work in a limited classroom setting, in a parody, or as part of a news report or commentary.  If  the incident is taken to court, a large number of different factors will be evaluated



Penalties for copyright violations can range from fines beginning at 750.00 dollars per incident. Recent judgements have gone as high as 5 million and jail time in extreme cases.  District policy states “Employees or students who willfully disregard the District’s copyright position do so at their own risk and assume all liability.”


For a more detailed explanation please review.

Software & Information Industry Association


For Additional information on District Policy please review.     –  File: EGAD  Copyright Compliance   –  File: EGAD-Revised Copyright Compliance


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