CMAS Test Tech Prep

Similar to our educators working to ensure that students are at their best for statewide tests, your Department of Technology Services has been hard at it to ensure that the online exam experience runs as smoothly as possible. For the new High School exams this fall, our efforts included:

  • Training our Techs, Help Desk, and Managers to be familiar with the vendor’s tools
  • Providing up-to-date rosters so that all eligible students have exam accounts
  • Preparing cache servers at each building to expedite the speed at which test questions load for students
  • Set up, configured, and (when needed) repaired all test devices
  • Logging into every test computer (over 1,600 for this month’s assessments) to verify the correct versions of operating system, Internet browser, and Java
  • Providing an on-site tech for the first day of testing to quickly handle any issues that arise

Thanks to all of the schools for your early collaboration in identifying the testing labs. Please help us to help you by letting us know when computer hardware or software is not performing as expected so we can address the issue as soon as possible!

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