Summer 2014 Printer Consolidation Project


1.  To consolidate multiple admin building print servers to one print server for all admin buildings.

2.  To have an up-to-date printer inventory, with physical location and updated printer names to reflect current locations at each building or site

3.  Reduce the list of printers seen by students and staff to help minimize and reduce the amount of print waste due to improper printer location and names of printers.

4. To have an updated list so that DTS can offer print management solutions to schools.

Example: Schools can now request for Computer Labs only, to only have a specific list of printers made available in each lab, whether it is a Windows or Mac lab.  The benefit is to limit students from printing to undesired locations such as front office or workrooms and help to reduce print waste in schools.  For more information on submitting a work order please click here.  Note, when submitting a work order, please list the specific printers that you would like available in each Computer Lab.

5. With an accurate printer inventory, DTS is now able to provide printer usage reports to principals, upon request, to help Principals identify opportunities to lower their printing costs in the building.
Status on October 9, 2014:

All sites, including admin buildings have been physically walked to verify printer locations.  All printers have been renamed to reflect their proper locations at each site.   Our initial inventory showed that we had over 820 printers in the district at the beginning of the summer.  We currently are sitting around 550 printers, plus the Toshiba copiers at each site.  Since the beginning of this project, over 132,812 print jobs (with an average job being 5 pages) have been deleted.  This has saved over an estimated 664,000 sheets of paper not including toner costs.
To ensure that DTS keeps the Printer Inventory up-to-date and accurate, DTS requests that all printer moves be submitted in the form of a work order.  DTS will come out to ensure that the printer does not get damaged during the move, the name of the printer is updated and working correctly.
For equipment that is broken or does not work anymore.  Please submit a work order to have the warehouse pick up the equipment.  DTS will recycle old or broken district equipment.
Thank you for your cooperation
If you have any questions regarding this project you may email the Help Desk at for more information.


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