Tech Sites and Chocolate!

Please read through the article for your chance to win chocolate.

Over the summer we updated our tech web sites.

  This is where you will find the latest in St.Vrain news and advisories.


  This is where you will find support documents and self-service instructions. If you log in, you can subscribe to article updates and suggest revisions.


HelpDesk  This is the front page for the Help Desk. Here is where you will find FAQs, links to support resources, work request submission forms, etc.


This is where you will find the latest news and process documents for the Learning Technology plan.


chocolate2014 This is where you can enter the 2014 DTS Scavenger Hunt and win chocolate.






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All St. Vrain teachers and staff need to change their district passwords to meet the new district standards before leaving for summer break. (Instructions)