5 Things You Need to Know About iOS 8

Apple released iOS 8 yesterday with many new features.  This is available to users of Apple iPads (2 and above), all iPad Minis & iPhones (4S and above).

Here are 5 things YOU should know:

    1. You do NOT need to install the update immediately. We are not aware of any district-provided software or security concerns that require you to immediately update iPads.
    2. Save some bandwidth – download at home! Please encourage students and teachers who can do so to download the update at home. We are seeing a significant increase in Internet bandwidth usage since noon yesterday. Help your use of other Internet resources by not downloading this large update during school hours.
    3. Parents have new choices. Apple sent an email to every parent of a student who created an Under 13 Apple ID. No action is required on your part, but if parents ask, let them know it is ok to read and agree to the new terms. Family Sharing is also a new feature in iOS 8. As we explore and learn more, we’ll share with you.
    4. Some apps may not be ready for iOS 8.  You may also want to encourage caution with the update because many third-party app developers will need to update their software to be compatible with iOS 8. For staff members using Citrix on their iPad, iOS may make it unusable. Citrix expects to update their iOS app in mid-October to fix this problem. (The ITC team wrote a great post about why delaying might be wise here.)
    5. Help us help you Find your iPad. One of the great new features of iOS 8 is a setting that has the device send its last known location to Apple if it’s on a wireless network when the battery is getting critically low. This is not turned on by default, but can be turned on in Settings > iCloud > Find My iPad > turn on Send Last Location.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions!

1 thought on “5 Things You Need to Know About iOS 8

  1. Hello.
    I have noticed that students with iOS 8 no longer have the “profile” listing when we go to settings>general>etc…

    Are we still able to remove unauthorized profiles in iOS 8?
    Is there something we need to do to restore the profile listing?

    Thanks for the support!!!

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