Windows supplier changing to Lenovo

DTS would like to announce that we will be changing our Windows computer supplier to Lenovo, with the contract being serviced by TwoTrees Technologies, selected through an RFP process in conjunction with Purchasing. This change is effective immediately for new purchases, and computers in supported configurations available for purchase can be found on the Technology Store site (in-district only).

There’s a significant price benefit over our previous vendor, but there are also two major advantages that you’ll see over most Windows computers purchased previously.

  • Lenovo has a tiny desktop option, so we’re able to offer an option similar to our Mac mini configuration with a full-featured computer mounted to the back of a display. This will be our standard recommended Windows desktop computer.
  • All of our Lenovo computers will include a solid state drive (SSD), which results in a significant performance increase in computer boot time and application launch time.

We will continue to service and support existing computers through end of life, generally around 5 years from the purchase of the equipment.

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