DTS Computer Power Management Initiative

DTS is excited to implement the Computer Power Management Initiative. All Windows and Mac computer labs will be scheduled to shut down after school hours, over weekends, and during breaks.

A display message will appear on each computer before shutdown which will allow the user to cancel shutdown if desired.


Mac: pops up a message 10 minutes before shutdown and powers the computer off if no input received

Windows: pops up a message 10 minutes before shutdown (1 minute before if no user logged in) and powers the computer off if no input received

Computers must be powered on manually unless a school requests a scheduled power on. Computer labs will be powered down between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. During the initial roll out, please send the DTS Help Desk any feedback so we can achieve the best possible computer power savings. DTS is capable of adding custom on/off times for labs; submit a DTS work order with any schedule requests. Non-lab machines (student desktops) at a given school will need to be on the same schedule.

Note that DTS will occasionally schedule computers to power on during school breaks for 30 minute maintenance windows.

The CPMI aims to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. We have estimated that this program will save many thousands of dollars per year. This frees up funds for better use such as iPads, books, teacher salaries and more! We’re all in this together, so let’s make a positive difference for our schools and the future of our students. 

– Announcement from DTS and Energy & Sustainability Manager Dara Ward

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  1. Thanks so much for looking at extra ways we can save electricity and resources!! That’s always appreciated!

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