Toshiba Key Cards

As most of you know, Toshiba copiers allow the ability to log in with your building key card (a.k.a., your “security card”). However, some employees do not have a building key card yet they still desire an easy way to print. Even though cards are not required to release print jobs at the Toshiba because employees can login by typing their username and password, we understand cards are much faster.

Therefore, to allow those employees who do not have an access key card the ability to log in quickly, DTS has purchased key cards that will only work with Toshiba MFDs. In other words, these cards will let an employee log on to the MFD but they will not open building doors.

Schools and departments may purchase of a pack of ten (10) of these Toshiba cards for $20. Please contact Mary Malpezzi via email or at x57782 for more information about the purchase of these cards.

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