Top 5 Questions & Answers About The New Copier Program

Here are the top 5 most frequently asked questions and answers about the new MFD program we announced last week  (a.k.a., “SPEAR”):

  1. Question: Will printers be removed from our school?
    Answer: No
  2. Question: Will RISOs (“duplicators”) be removed from our school?
    Answer: No
  3. Question: Will the old copiers be removed from our school?
    Answer: Yes, and they will be replaced by new multi-function devices (MFDs).
  4. Question: When will our building receive the new MFDs?
    Answer: We have posted the delivery schedule online for your convenience.
  5. Question: Will training be provided?
    Answer: Yes. 2-3 office personnel will receive training when the machines are delivered and a follow-up training session is scheduled for the next business day.

Please submit any additional questions by leaving a comment below or by contacting the Help Desk.


10 thoughts on “Top 5 Questions & Answers About The New Copier Program

  1. From glancing through the Spear power points, it looks like I can send a print job to the MFD. However, it looks like I must them go to the printer and enter an ID or flash my badge to get it to actually print.

    If this is the case, you are now requiring me to do more just to get my print needs met. If I send a job to the printer that requires a long time (for example, my typical test is double sided packet of 3 pages (6 sides) stapled together), I now have to wait for it to finish – it might be 10 to 15 minutes.

    Also, I no can no longer send in a job from home and have it ready when I arrive.


    I do not see how this is going to improve the effectiveness of my teaching – it will lower it by making me spend time on useless tasks.


    1. Thank you for asking your question. You are correct; staff members must identify themselves in order to release a print / copy job on the new MFDs.

      Did you know that the national average of abandoned print jobs hovers just below 20%? We make millions of copies throughout the district every year so this is a significant factor; we must consider the financial cost and environmental impact of the wasted toner & paper as well. When staff members log in to release jobs they only print what is needed.

      Regarding concerns about how the change to new Toshiba MFDs will impact the scenarios you asked about, here are a few thoughts that come to mind…

      It is true that our staff must identify themselves by either logging in with their username and password or swiping their ID badge for the job to be released, but did you know that the smaller (color-capable) copiers work at 36 pages per minute and the larger machine at 72 pages per minute?

      Print from home: If an SVVSD staff member desires to print from home they can do so via Citrix. Jobs are held in the print queue for 24 hours.

      I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but our intention really is to provide sustainable, dependable, feature-rich, printing and copying. I also understand how certain situations may result in being inconvenienced more than when we used a previous approach to our district’s print/copy needs. Please give the new MFDs a try for a few months and then let me know how you feel it is going in the fall.

      Thank you for your time and for asking good questions!



  2. Is the “$100” value a monthly allowance? If yes, will it carry over to the next month, if not used?

    1. The $100 amount you see in the PaperCut interface is each staff member’s annual, not monthly, allowance.

      We will monitor district-wide usage and solicit feedback in an ongoing manner as we work to optimize this new system. We may adjust the amount at some point in the future but $100 should be sufficient.

      For example, did you know that a black & white copy is tracked at 1 cent per “click”, a double-sided copy would be two cents worth of copying against the $100, etc.? That means if a staff member is given $100 in the PaperCut interface they can print 10,000 black and white copies, or “clicks” (that’s 20 reams of paper!). We believe that is more than sufficient for an average staff member. Also, keep in mind the duplicators (a.k.a., “RISOs”) are still available for your high volume print/copy needs and are not tracked as part of the $100 PaperCut amount.

      Our intention is to provide staff members with a solution that is sustainable, feature rich, and cost-efficient.

  3. Hi Folks. Will Mac people be getting drivers installed to correspond with the new MFDs? Will these be “fully functional” drivers that allow us to run full copy jobs (two-sided…stapled…etc…)?

    1. Yes – the Toshiba drivers are being installed on all of the Macs so that Mac users will be able to take full advantage of the device’s features. It will appear differently than the Windows interface but the functionality will be present.

  4. A few questions!
    I’ve tried sending multiple things to the print cue and I go and sign in. I approve for them to print, but then it only prints the first job and the cue is cleared. I have to go back to my computer to resend the other jobs. Is this a setting somewhere or do I have to approve one job at a time?

    Also wondering if there is nothing in the print cue, but I just want to make copies (which is quite common), is there a way to default it to “copy” instead of going through the screens confirming I don’t have anything to print?

    Speaking of making copies… the time it takes to run a class set of something it times me out and I have to resign in to make the next set. Is this a default time or can this be adjusted to be longer? Thanks!

  5. When I print to my department’s laser printer, $0.10 is deducted from my PaperCut account for each page. While I understand that $0.01 per page is charged to my account for jobs sent to MFDs, why are we being charged for printing being made within my department? Our science department pays for our own laser printer, paper, and toner from our department budget. I also teach an AP class that may need more copies made than the typical general class. Will AP and special program teachers (STEM, MBSA, IB, AP, MESA) get slightly larger PaperCut budgets? Can I request an increase in the PaperCut account if I run out of $?

  6. Can the time a job remains in the print queue be increased beyond 24 hours? If we are working from home on the weekends, 24 hours may not be a long enough period of time.

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