MAJOR CHANGE – Introducing the “SPEAR” print/copy initiative

Our district is constantly looking for ways to make your jobs better, improve service, and gain efficiencies. To that end, I am pleased to announce St. Vrain Valley Schools will move to a new copy/print model beginning in May. We intend to install the new Toshiba Multi-Function Devices (“MFDs”) before you leave for summer break with the exception of a few schools due to summer construction. (Click here for schedule.) During the time of installation, each school should identify 2-3 key people to receive training on the new MFDs in a ‘train the trainer’ fashion.

The new program is called “SPEAR” which stands for Save Paper, Energy And Resources. You will see the SPEAR logo and name whenever you copy, print, scan, etc.


We have created a web page dedicated to this project with links to answer the most frequently asked questions, training documentation, and technical guides.

There are two major components of the copy/print program you will interact with:

  1. New Multi-Function Devices (“MFDs”) will replace copiers in your building
  2. Software, known as “PaperCut”, that is intended to encourage printing to the most cost-effective device.

If you have any questions, please use the comment feature in the blog below or contact the Help Desk.

Please understand that any major change also brings with it an opportunity to continually improve. We look forward to working with you to make this the best possible solution and I appreciate your professionalism and constructive feedback as we move forward with SPEAR over the years.


Joe McBreen
Chief Information Officer

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