May Update

Please be advised of an upcoming change to student passwords that will affect computer logins, Infinite Campus Portal and Google Mail/Google Apps. This change is necessary to conform to varying software requirements. This change will take effect on June 5th 2013.

The change increases the length of student passwords from six characters to eight characters by appending sv to the beginning of student password. Students who have changed their password from their student number will have those passwords reset.

For example:

Student Wilson, John with student ID 123456 will have a new password of sv123456

Student Alexander, Sara with a student ID 234567 and a password that she set will have the password reset to sv234567

Communications will be sent again in the fall of the 13-14 school year as a reminder.


Secondary Teachers – Introducing the new IC Grade Book Beta. This OPTIONAL grade book will be available the entire 13-14 school year before becoming the standard grade book in Infinite Campus. You will need to use Firefox, Chrome or Safari to utilize this grade book, Internet Explorer is not currently supported. Give it a try!


Good luck with the remaining school year and be sure to contact the IT Help Desk with your end of year questions.

Thank You
Jeanne Sullivan

2 thoughts on “May Update

  1. Will this apply to SAM and Galileo. Will rollover take care of all of those account logins so they will begin with sv?

    Is June 5th a sure thing? We will have summer school students using their accounts over the summer. Will Help Desk be the ones helping them with any issues? Is this info going out to all parents?

    Many people do not read this blog. Could you send this info. out to staff so they will be aware too.

  2. Hi Sue,

    The password change will happen June 5th as this date falls between the end of the 12-13 school year and summer school. The password change only affect computer logins, Google Mail/Apps and the Infinite Campus Portal.

    The information has been posted in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and we have notified the summer school programs. We will continue to communicate the change and will send reminders before school begins again.

    Thank you for your valid questions.

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