Technology by Design – an invitation to iTAC

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks to the recent passage of the mill levy, our district has an opportunity to re-imagine teaching & learning with technology in St. Vrain Valley Schools. In order to ensure that our plans moving forward meet our district theme of “Academic Excellence by Design,” we’d like to offer you the opportunity to help us continue to refine our district-wide plan for instructional technology.

The Instructional Technology Coordinators (Bud Hunt, Michelle Bourgeois, and Kyle Addington) will be convening a small group of school administrators and teacher leaders to serve on one of three Instructional Technology Advisory Committees (iTAC). These committees will provide input and guidance to the technology department and help to develop implementation plans for future technology investments. The first task for the iTAC committees will be to determine baseline expectations for technology access (i.e., identify the technologies every teacher and student should have available to support teaching and learning). Future work will include reviewing plans and proposals for technology integration as well as providing ongoing feedback and input.

A maximum of 10 administrators and 6 teacher leaders will be selected for these groups, which will be formed for the elementary, middle, and high school levels. The application window to serve on one of the iTAC committees has closed. 

We will keep you updated on the committees’ work as it progresses.


Joe McBreen
Chief Information Officer
St. Vrain Valley Schools
Twitter: @svvsdcio
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1 thought on “Technology by Design – an invitation to iTAC

  1. Dear Mr. Mc Breen,
    While I may not be a member of the ITAC committees, I am keenly interested in their work because of my concerns for the students and staff in my building regarding technology equity, and changes in assessment forthcoming fromt he state. We are a Title 1 building and must constantly work to ensure our perspective as a diverse and second language school is always taken into consideration with our unique variables.
    Would you please share the names of teachers on the ITAC committee? Also, of the three committees for ITAC what will be their tasks?
    Lynn Hannapel

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