New Filtering Requirements for ALL District Devices

During their 2012 session, the Colorado Legislature passed a law that requires schools to filter all District-owned Internet-capable devices such as laptops, iPads, and iPod touch devices both on and off school grounds for minors. This law, known as HB 12-1240, takes effect on December 31, 2012. (To read the wording as it exists in the statute click here; Sections 54 & 55 on pages 36-38.)

In plain language, this is a change from previous requirements – where we were once required to only filter the Internet-connected networks used by District-owned devices in our schools, we are now required to place an Internet filter on every device used by minors from any location.

This means students will only be able to take approved and properly configured Internet-capable equipment off school grounds. In addition, a new filter will be installed on every District-owned laptop used by staff or students.  As always, if you have questions, please contact our Help Desk.

Which district-owned devices can minors use away from the SVVSD network?
*DTS is deploying a filter to laptops. Click the following link to check to see if your laptop is correctly filtered:
**iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches with iOS 6 and being managed by Apple Configurator at schools may be used by minors outside the district network if the configuration profile provided by DTS is used. Use this link to determine which generation of iPhone, iPod, or iPad you are using.
***Chromebooks are still in the process of being tested by DTS. If Chromebooks are approved by DTS, only Chromebooks purchased through DTS Store may meet the new State law requirements. They cannot be purchased through a reseller such as BestBuy or

9 thoughts on “New Filtering Requirements for ALL District Devices

  1. Just curios, what sites/types of sites will be “filtered?” Will it be like the you tube block at school? If I want to access you tube at home on my district laptop, will I have to enter credentials?

  2. Jeffrey- Laptops should be updated with the new filter automatically. Please go to and follow the instructions to make sure the laptop has the correct filter in place. 1st Generation iPads can NOT be used outside of the district/at home by STUDENTS. If the teacher has a school issued 1st generation iPad they need to be sure a student does not use it outside of our district network.

  3. Margaret- The filter will be just like the one we use in the district. So, yes you would have to override the same sites that you have to override in the district.

  4. Hi there,
    I just want to ensure my department stays in compliance. This is in reference to devices that are used by students, right? We have iPads for our Speech Language, Occ. Therapy, and Physical Therapy folks so they can do their Medicaid billing for the district and I am sure some of them do this while at home. Since they are employees, they are ok, right?


  5. Laurie- You are correct, the law is direct towards devices that students access from home. Employees are fine as long as they do not let students use those devices.

  6. Lauren- The only way to make your iPad compliant for use with your kids is to have it Configured. Configurator is a management tool used for managing multiple iPads, or iPods (think a class set of 30). Unfortunately, we don’t have a method in place to only do a single iPad. At this point it would not be ok to let your kids use your iPad for MyOn after January 1st.

    However, your laptop would be ok for them to use. Just go to to make sure it is set up correctly.

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