Email Messages to Parents

We had a recent concern raised by a parent regarding a teacher email message that he recently received.  He did not have a problem with the email message itself, his concern was all recipients were listed in the To: field.  He cited privacy concerns and a possibility that a parent may hit Reply All and send confidential student information to all other parents.

At first, we thought messages originating from Infinite Campus (IC) were the problem.  After further investigation IC confirmed that messenger messages are sent to recipients as individual, personalized messages with a reply to email of For privacy reasons, message recipients do not see who else received the message, even if it concerns the same student. The BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) functionality is not required, as all messages are effectively sent this way.

It appears the message this parent received did not originate from IC.  Please remember, if you send email messages to multiple recipients, to use the BCC field.



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