New Wireless Network

Wireless Project Status PageDTS is almost finished upgrading all schools to the new wireless network. Click here to see your school’s status.

Personal Devices:
The new wireless network operates at the 5GHz frequency. Some personal devices that operate at the lower 2.4GHz frequency will not be able to connect to the new wireless network. Please make sure all future personal technology choices have the ability to operate at the higher 5GHz frequency if connecting to the district’s wireless network is important to you.

The SVVSD-Guest wireless network is for personally owned devices. For improved performance, we have extended connection times and improved the ease of joining the network. At this time, your session will last for 14 hours unless your device is turned off or you leave the district network for more than 90 minutes.

Meet Mary Malpezzi

Mary Malpezzi

Secretary to the Chief Technology Officer Years with SVVSD: 23

What does your average day look like? My average day includes working with iPads, journal entries, purchase orders and invoices. I enjoy working with many great people, within the department and within the district.

What are your favorite things about working for St. Vrain? I […]

Password Changes Coming this Fall

This fall secondary students will start changing their passwords every 365 days. Elementary students are not affected by these changes. Students who have not changed their passwords by November 1st will be required to do so before accessing svvsd wireless, school computers, district email, etc. If students forget their passwords and security questions, the Student […]

Automatic Updates

Keeping computers up-to-date is an important part of protecting students, staff and their data. Starting September 13th district computers will be automatically updated every Wednesday. More information coming soon.

July Help Desk Activity

Work Orders Triaged: 86 – The Help Desk triages incoming computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 443

Voicemail Messages: 7

Email to Help Desk: 343 – Email sent to

Email to Personal Accounts: 3 – Email sent to our named […]

Digital Curriculum Updates

Several new digital curriculum programs will be added this year. We are currently working on getting all students rostered into the appropriate programs before the first day of school. To best serve you, please submit a work ticket here if you need assistance.

Schoology Schoology courses will not be uploaded until the day before school. […]

Department Changes

Congratulations to the following people taking on new roles here at DTS:

Erik Black – IT Project Manager Erik Black started with DTS in 2001. He has been the Manager of Technical Support for the last 6 years. Erik is taking on the challenges of a new position at DTS, IT Project Manager. Michelle Bourgeois […]

May Help Desk Activity

Work Orders Triaged: 374 – The Help Desk triages incoming computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 915

Voicemail Messages: 12

Email to Help Desk: 482 – Email sent to

Email to Personal Accounts: 12 – Email sent to our named […]

New Web Filter

DTS is implementing a new and improved web filter for St.Vrain Valley Schools.

Starting June 1st you will see a different page for blocked websites.

From this new page you can:

Request a site be unblocked, or Login to gain access to sites appropriate for your role in the district

Please note: […]

April Help Desk Activity

Work Orders Triaged: 392 – The Help Desk triages incoming Computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 801

Voicemail Messages: 184

Email to Help Desk: 454 – Email sent to *Starting in April 2016 all email sent to is automatically turned into […]