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Apple Store Phishing Attack

A new Phishing attack is using a very realistic-looking Apple App Store message to trick you into trying to prevent getting charged for something you did not buy. This attack may make it through all the spam filters into your inbox so you need to be alert for this scam.

This phishing attack tries to make you fill out a page with your full address and credit card information so that you “will not get charged”. If you or a family member would fall for this trick though, it is highly likely that your credit card would get fraudulently charged quickly.

Remember to never click on links in emails to go to a vendor’s website. Always use your browser and either type in the address of the company or use a bookmark you have set yourself earlier. And while we are at it, never just open an email attachment you did not ask for. Let’s stay safe out there and Think Before You Click!”

What does SPEAR stand for?

SPEAR stands for Save Paper, Energy And Resources.

SPEAR is the name given to the system that allows people to print to any of the district’s copiers.

Elementary LTP Preparation

We’re excitedly gearing up for our three Elementary LTP Readiness schools (Eagle Crest, Erie, and Thunder Valley) to receive their classroom sets of iPads this month!

Last spring, these three schools helped us explore what equipment and apps should be a part of our LTP classroom set when we distribute equipment to every elementary school […]

August Help Desk Activity

Work Orders Triaged: 828 – The Help Desk triages incoming Computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 2208

Voicemail Messages: 40

Email to Help Desk: 1333 – Email sent to *Starting in April 2016 all email sent to is automatically turned into […]

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015.5

Adobe released updates to their Creative Cloud applications (Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, etc.) on macOS and Windows at the end of June. This is a full version upgrade, which means that the software requires complete reinstallation. DTS staff will be working on automated installers for the updated Adobe applications and testing them with the intent of […]

July Help Desk Activity

Work Orders Triaged: 82 – The Help Desk triages incoming Computer work requests.

Phone Calls: 493

Voicemail Messages: 9

Email to Help Desk: 291 – Email sent to *Starting in April 2016 all email sent to is automatically turned into […]

App Additions for LTP iPads

This summer, the mobile device team reviewed dozens of app requests from our schools and our ITAC committee for inclusion into our LANrev Mobile Device Management (MDM) App Store. You’ll see lots of great additions including:

Shadow Puppet Edu for Elementary

Digital Compass by Common Sense for Middle School

Sketchbook by Autodesk […]

Changes to HMH Collections

HMH is improving their processes for single sign on and for the automatic creation of accounts and classes. As part of the transition, they are requiring a purge all existing accounts in HMH Collections. What does this mean for Collections teachers? Sometime between Friday, July 29th, and Monday, August 1st, all existing students, teachers, and […]

Meet Dan Brauch

Dan Brauch Technical Support Analyst – Shop Years with DTS: 4

What does your average day look like?

My day usually starts with checking email to see if I received anything from the people who arrived earlier than me. Then I go and try to complete any repairs that I left on the […]

New Login Process for i-Ready, Lexia, myON, Lexia

Beginning in August 2016, we will be using Single Sign On to log into the following applications:


Lexia (including Core5, Strategies, and myLexia)


Vista Higher Learning

What does this mean for teachers and students? You must use the new links on the Ceran student pages. […]